Background and beginning of painting career

For many years I had a dream of trying to work with art and paintings and if it wasn’t for my family, it would probably still have been a dream. On my 40th birthday I got an easel and various painting gear, and then my journey as an autodidact artist began. The art has evolved to an relaxing therapy for me in my spare time and leaves me with a peaceful sense of creativity. Since the beginning, both family and friends have encouraged me to continue and even wanted my art, which I see as a huge compliment.

Inspiration and description of works

My artistic style is abstract, and it is usually human-like models that form in my acrylic paintings. The inspiration for my works comes from many different things I meet in my everyday life. They can come from nature like a tree that has fallen into a lake and lies like an elongated, curly body, or it may be people whom I portray as bastard jelly men or delicate ballerinas. I love working with colors, and it's through the colors my art come out.

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