Do you have a company or art association? And are you interested in decorating the walls of your workplace to inspire your employees? Then I would like to lend out my paintings for an exhibition.

If your company or an art association find my works interesting and inspiring, I am happy to exhibit my paintings with you. I bring and collect the paintings and I can assistance with hanging up the painting if required. Exhibition is subject to a minimum purchase of approx. 5.000 kr. If you are interested and want to hear more, please contact me here.

Three great reasons to exhibit art in your company

  • Art can be deducted in tax.

    It is possible for companies to deduct an amount of original art in tax. Read more on her (danish site).

  • Art strengthens the company's brand.

    A company with art on the walls exudes cultural understanding and is perceived positively by its customers.

  • Art create an inspiring and creative work environment.

    It encourage to dialog and productivity between employees if there are art on the walls in a company.